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A little insight into my story

A serious car accident in 2013, which completely upset me, was the trigger and start of my journey to myself. From that point on, I was confronted with extraordinary challenges and the desire to live in freedom and joy. I began to learn how to help myself to lead a painless life in balance and self-determination. That's why I trained in various areas that help me to live physically, mentally and mentally healthy. On this journey of self-healing I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. Now I am happy to pass on these tools to enable my fellow human beings to live a life in connection with their midst.

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About Me | Verena Herberth

My qualifications

During my self-discovery, I have completed a number of courses and further educations that qualify me to accompany you. Personally, it is very important to me to have the necessary background knowledge in addition to the practical work, so that I can offer you a variety of courses and trainings. Also, see how other customers have experienced my work. 

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