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Come back to your true self

I'm glad you're here! I am Verena

I encourage you to follow your heart's path with confidence and to create a fulfilled life for yourself.

As a Holistic Mentor and Breathwork Facilitator, I support you in recognizing with all your senses which layers surround you and who you really are behind them. 

By consciously releasing blockages and inhibitions that have manifested in us for various reasons and that prevent us from living our full potential, we can cultivate a feeling of freedom, vitality, joy and peace within us. This enables us to come back to our center, to live authentically from it and to make our heart's desires a reality. 

It is a creative space in which you can enter into a deeper relationship with yourself and thus also with others. It is supported by unconditional love, in which everything is welcome.

I invite you to come into connection with your body and heart, to follow your intuition and to flow with life in a compassionate, joyful light and conscious way.

I look forward to accompanying you on this journey.

Full of gratitude and joy,


What is Sensual Breathwork?

Breathwork is an effective way of consciously releasing blockages and tensions of all kinds on a cellular level that we carry around with us every day. These can be partly genetically inherited or have become ingrained in our bodies through life experiences. The power of your own breath can support you in letting go of the old and creating space for the new.

This type of breathwork is body-oriented and consists of the following 6 elements: Breath, Movement, Sound, Touch/Energy Work, Meditation and Emotional Intelligence. The connected breath creates space for clarity, new insights and intuitive healing. Through the strong connection with our body, our feelings and our deep self, we can experience a peaceful and joyful state of being

My own creation "Sensual Breathwork" serves to invite more sensuality and pleasure into Breathwork sessions. In this value-free space, we can release all the blockages that prevent us from allowing our powerful sexual life force to flow fully and feel it with pleasure. Deep joie de vivre, pleasure, connection, presence, self-confidence and inner strength are evoked.

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