What qualifies me to accompany you?


ISTA Training

Akashic Chronicle Training

Holistic Sexual Educator for Women, BlisSchool

Biodynamic Breathwork Training

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Lomi-Lomi massage training

Energy work

NLP-Practicioner with kikidan

Personal training

through courses, workshops and books


Wim Hof Breathing Technique

Alchemy of Breath 

Breath of Bliss

Pranayama (breathing exercises yoga)


Embodying the Elements with Dance (Bex Tyrer & Karina Christie)

Intuitive singing (Marliaproject & more)

Holistic nutrition

Being in relationship with others

Tantra Workshop (Hridaya Center, France)

Nonviolent communication (Marshall Rosenberg)

Authentic Relating (Authentic Encounter)

Radical Honesty

Being in relationship with myself

Tantric Energetics (with Sophie Josephina)

Mirror work & affirmation work (Louise Hay)

Shadow work (partswork, polarity work)

Inner Child Work

Being a woman

Moon & Woman Cycle: Unwind the feminine (Bex Tyrer)

Hormones (Healthcoach FX)

Being conscious

Consciousness work (Christian Meyer)


Osho Meditations

Silent meditation

Meditation Journeys

Energetic awareness

Prana healing (energy work)

Chakra work

Traditional Tantra Yoga