A little insight into

my story

The mission

It is my greatest joy to share all the enriching knowledge in a space full of compassion, acceptance and respect to support and accompany you on your path to yourself.

The dream

My vision is to experience and celebrate life in all its facets with awake people, to work with them to live self-determined, happy and compassionate in harmony with nature. 

I'm looking forward to it. 


Growing up near Würzburg, I am already particularly sensitive as a young girl. I can perceive the moods and feelings of others very strongly without being expressed. To stand out little I adapt to my fellow men, so that I am accepted and loved. To protect myself from various strong influences and situations from the outside, I alienate myself subconsciously from my body, my emotions and feelings, which is why I lose the connection to my intuition and my center.

Business life

A big change happens when I leave high school and start my working life. Freedom, personal responsibility, independence. As an industrial clerk, a new environment opens up to me with different views and impressions. My self-confidence is strengthened. Life now demands that I "grow up". I throw myself into my work and become absorbed in my profession.

The car accident

At the age of 22 I have a serious car accident in which I suffer a cervical spine fracture and which completely changes my life. The ground is ripped out from under my feet. My world as I know it no longer exists. My priorities abruptly change from career to health. From that point on, every day is about how I can get back to living a life free of physical and mental pain and suffering.

The recovery

After years of recovery with various methods such as physiotherapy, psychotherapy, osteopathy, kinesiology and yoga, I realize that my values are no longer in line with my former life and profession. I want to change something. Knowing that life is incredibly valuable, I decide to travel for an indefinite period of time.

The journey to myself

In a community I make THE discovery that gives my life a new direction. I dive deep into yoga, meditation, breathwork, cacao, dance and partner exercises and find the connection to my sensitivity again. I gain a deep understanding of the nature of the human being.

The breathwork

It is mainly through breathwork that I am able to let go of the accident and its consequences on a cellular level as well, which is a big breakthrough for me on every level. The breath helps me to let go on a physical, emotional and mental level and to free myself from blockages, behavioural patterns and ways of thinking. I come home within myself and walk through my life more free, present and balanced. From that point, I realize my values and needs and can therefore communicate them more clearly to the outside world and live more authentically.

The new path

A new part of me was born. Since then, I see it as my duty to also enable my fellow human beings to experience being connected to their center and to live a vibrant life.
Years of studying and analyzing in consciousness expanding methods like yoga, meditation, breath-, body- and energy work, beliefs, NLP, healing through sound, intuitive dance, menstruation, moon, tantra, nutrition and the more followed.